Re: japanese mc

On Sat, 14 Feb 2004, J. Pauli wrote:

i tried to use the japanese translation of mc. displaying works fine but
inputing a japanese character (hiragana, katakana or kanji) is not
working correct. After typing such a character mc treats it as some kind
of control character which drops down menus or moves the cursor.
Therefor i cannot use any function which needs typing in characters
(internal editor, creating/renaming files, searching files (alt-s) and

Is this a bug in mc or am i doing something wrong?

mc doesn't support Unicode yet.  It assumes that all characters are 1 cell
wide and consist of one byte.  I believe multibyte support would be needed
for correct input and also for correct output, at least in some situations
(e.g. in the editor).

Please keep in mind that some translations were contributed when mc had a
GUI frontend and I'm not sure the text edition was even tested in the
Japanese locale.

Pavel Roskin

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