Re: bug report

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, [Windows-1251] Алексей С. wrote:

I whant say about error when I use MC 4.6 in Fedora Linux and ASP Linux.
Russian my favorite language. When I connecting by SSH to host - in
shell russian simbols typing correctly. Then I shart MC. I see rigth
letters in russian, but cann't type words on russian. When I exiting
from MC - situation no change (cann't write in russian).

Try reporting it to ASP Linux first.  It may be a customized version.

See "Options->Display bits->Full 8 bits input" and "mc -V" output.  Run
"locale" to see your locale preferences.  See this file for more things
that are useful in reports about terminal problems:

Pavel Roskin

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