Re: Esc-P in mcedit: What exactly happens?

Christian Dysthe wrote:
... In mcedit I am using Esc-P which sort of
justifies the  text. However, when doing it some words get two spaces
between them.  Why is that? Or rather, what is Esc-P actually doing?                                          

Esc-P or Alt-P convert linefeeds into spaces, and spaces into linefeeds,
it doesn't actually insert or delete any characters.

static void strip_newlines (unsigned char *t, int size)
    unsigned char *p = t;
    while (size--) {
        *p = *p == '\n' ? ' ' : *p;

As you can see strip_newlines() doesn't actually remove anything, it
only changes linefeeds into spaces. Is this a bug? I think so myself.

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