Viewer problem


I have a number of plain text files which have been log rotated:

$ ls -l
... access.log
... access.log.1
... access.log.2.gz
... access.log.10
... access.log.10.gz

All files may be identically.

When I use the built in viewer of mc (is it built in or is it an external
pager?) to view the contents of the file I notice the following funny

If the file has a name like *.1 or *.2 or anything with 1 number after the
dot, all lines are cut after 66 characters, but the actual newlines are
ignored. This makes it impossible to read the file as it is a well
formated log file (new entry in each new line). This happens also if the
files are gzipped (apache.log.2.gz).

Everything is fine if the file name has:
- two or more numbers (or letters) after the dot
- a single letter instead of a single number (apache.log.t is fine)

This is true for mc 4.5.54 and 4.6.0 (Debian and SuSE Linux).

No problem when using the editor instead of the pager.

How can I avoid this behavior?

Thanks in advance,

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