Midnight Commander

Hi. Love MC. I'm using 4.5.55 under red hat 6.0 and 8.0.

These are re the editor; I've been through the FAQ carefully:

1) How do I get the F4 editor to be what is activated when I press ENTER on, for instance, a .c file? I've 
tried editing the shell extensions file as suggested in the FAQ, but no luck. If the is no line in the 
defaults section, nothing happens at all. I tried the obvious (putting edit, like view, on the open line) but 
also no luck.

2) How do I get the F4 editor to create a NEW file, such as test.c or test.txt? I know I'm just being stupid 
here, but after a year or so of using it, I really can't find it. Sure would appreciate a tip on that. As it 
is, I have to manually invoke VI (which I frigging hate), type a line, save it, and THEN use F4 to edit - 
pretty silly, eh? So what am I missing?


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