Re: Utar and --listed-incremental problem


 I can traverse through only part of directory structure and then I
reach to a special file (colour black, looks like named pipe?) which
isn't directory and cannot be viewed via F3.

Special files cannot be viewed in mc.  It's the correct behavior.

There looks to be a problem with incremental tar files when using an old
version of tar. If one unpacks a tar file created with
--listed-incremental tar will create "checksum directories", like
07510533400/, with parts of the tar file extracted in them. If you have
this problem upgrading to tar version 1.13.25 fixes this. [Confirmed by
Petr Divina for Solaris]

I don't see how the above error is relevant here.

I've checked the version of tar is new enough (the one shipped with RH
8.0, 1.13.25-xxx I think), but the problem remains. When I try to view
the entire tar archive via F3, I see the complete list (i.e. tar -t is
OK). I can also flawlessly extract either single file or whole archive.
That's why I suppose the problem lies in mc.

The virtual filesystem (i.e. what you see if you press Enter on the
archive) is not using any external tar executable, so it's not affected by
the version off tar.

If you press F3 on the archive (not on a file inside the archive), the
result is produced by the "tar" executable, so the version of tar can be
important in this case.

Thanks for advices what I'm doing wrong/fixing this bug

Try reporting the bug properly.  Here's the instruction:

Also a short test case can be useful.  Create a short tar file that
exhibits the problem, compress it and post it to the mailing list.

Pavel Roskin

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