Utar and --listed-incremental problem


I'm happy mc user, but I think I've found a non-destructive bug in #utar VFS: When I create an archive using tar --listed-incremental, especially via archiving
tool "hdup" (http://www.miek.nl/projects/hdup/hdup.shtml).

I can traverse through only part of directory structure and then I reach to a special file (colour black, looks like named pipe?) which isn't directory and cannot be viewed
via F3.

According to part 4 of hdup README:

There looks to be a problem with incremental tar files when using an old version
of tar. If one unpacks a tar file created with --listed-incremental tar will
create "checksum directories", like 07510533400/, with parts of the tar file
extracted in them. If you have this problem upgrading to tar version 1.13.25
fixes this. [Confirmed by Petr Divina for Solaris]
I've checked the version of tar is new enough (the one shipped with RH 8.0,
1.13.25-xxx I think), but the problem remains. When I try to view the entire tar archve via F3, I see the complete list (i.e. tar -t is OK). I can also flawlessly extract either single file
or whole archive. That's why I suppose the problem lies in mc.

Thanks for advices what I'm doing wrong/fixing this bug
Jiri Bajer
(sarimak at seznam dot cz)

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