RE: Broken Background


I had to modify my terminal settings in puTTY amd place a tick in the
"use background colour to erase screen" I wonder why it never disturbed
me before now? anyway, now we know, and we can tell others.

S-Lang 0.99.38, which was included with Midnight Commander versions prior
to 4.6.0, didn't use that capability of the terminal.  S-Lang 1.x uses it.
I remember other people asking this question in private, and I didn't know
the answer.  Now I do.

I think "use background colour to erase screen" shouldn't be an option, it
should always be enabled in putty, or at least the default should match
the terminal capabilities.  However, the putty documentation says that
there are some programs that expect the default background to be used.  I
don't have time to argue with putty developers.

Thank you for reporting your findings!

Pavel Roskin

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