Re: Couple of little bugs.


   When I delete a directory, the list of options are:

    "Yes, No, All, None, Abort"

    Notice that there are two hotkey conflicts: "No" and "None"
    and "All" and "Abort".

   Not to mention that none of the keys work Y, N, or A.

English labels have been changed to use standard capitalization.  The
hotkeys may now be lowercase.  This was already true for several

There is no color to highlight hotkeys in error dialogs.  Unfortunately,
the color code doesn't scale well (to put it mildly), so it's going to be
a lot of work.  Just scan the source for "dhotfocus" to see what I mean.

This is already in the TODO list for 4.6.1:
Use separate colors for hotkeys in error dialogs.

Well, the color is not the issue.  The issue is that the key is not
usable (A in this case)

Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com>

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