Re: Viewing images through a shell link.

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Christian Dysthe wrote:

I use a shell link in MC to move files back and forth between my laptop
and workstation. It works fine since I got a updated version of MC that
doesn't stall moving lots of larger files. However, I still have a
problem when I want to view an image over a shell link: When I click on
the image file the transfer starts and completes it seems but the image
viewer (ee) opens with it's splash screen only, no image is shown. I
have tried with another image viewer as well, same problem. It works
fine when I view images locally.

I think it's already in the TODO file:

Click on a png image doesn't always work on remote vfs - local copy may
be deleted before the application has time to load it.

I'm updating the description to remove "png".

Pavel Roskin

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