mc 4.6.0 and DISPLAY


I use Suse8.0 with mc 4.5.55 
and             8.2               4.6.0

a) text mode
Under both I set the variable DISPLAY to localhost:0
(export DISPLAY=localhost:0)
The mc 4.6.0 is starting, displaying the content of directory
and frozen for working with keys up, down, etc. only the combinations
with ctrl-z etc. are running. Without the variable DISPLAY is all ok.
Mc 4.5.55 no problems.

b) xterm konsole
The mc 4.6.0 shows the directories blinking and I find no way to
set it quiet.

Vaclav Snajdr
Softwarehaus SNAJDR             Telefon:++49(0)8141-70310
Roggensteiner Allee 260         email:    vsn snajdr de
D-82223 Eichenau                Url:

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