Re: Cannot chmod target file "/#ftp:foo"


For every file I upload to I get:

Cannot chmod target file "/#ftp:foo"
Operation not permitted (1)

[ Skip ]  [ Retry ]  [ Abort ]

Sounds like the vfat problem fixed by adding "quiet" to
/etc/fstab. But how would I fix it for ftpfs :-)

The solution in the code would be the same - have one more flag in the
file context to ignore permission problems.  But the file operations is a
very dangerous place to touch.  Breakage in that code can result in lost
data.  So this will be done after the release.

What about [ Ignore All ] button, instead?

On the other hand, I think it's OK to ignore chmod errors in ftpfs.  Could
you please try this patch:

Well, if user brings up chmod dialog, changes
permissions and then ftpfs ignores the error,
it will be very bad.

Written on sharp zaurus, because my Velo1 broke. If you have Velo you don't need...

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