Re: MC Icon


I did search however I only use exclusively for web
searches and I can assure you "Midnight Commander Icons" returns no
results... I also searched the list that I posted my request to
and the FAQ. If it was there I guess I missed it...

Actually, there was a posting in this list, if I remember correctly.

I would be a good idea to have the author/maintainer include
one with the package... I like the 32x32 one named mc.png.

There is already an icon in the "pc" directory.  It can be converted to
png by the "convert" program from ImageMagick.

Alternatively a link on the MC home page would do. It would most likely
come up in the search engines then.

I would do it if I was sure that the page won't go away.  I don't have
time to fix the site when the links become broken.

Actually, I think that the discussion about icons would be more useful
elsewhere.  If you check the GNOME 2.1 page you will see that Nautilus now uses icon
themes, which are meant to be shared across desktops.  Those who work on
the actual themes are probably interested in icons for popular programs.

Pavel Roskin

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