Re: MC Icon


Thanks Pavel...

I did search however I only use exclusivly for web searches and I can assure you "Midnight Commander Icons" returns no results... I also searched the list that I posted my request to
and the FAQ. If it was there I guess I missed it...

I guess now anyone looking for the same will find the answer as
I note you have cc'ed your reply to the forum...

I would be a good idea to have the author/maintainer include
one with the package... I like the 32x32 one named mc.png.

Alternatively a link on the MC home page would do. It would most likely
come up in the search engines then.

Thanks again.


Pavel Roskin wrote:

On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, Peter Bennett wrote:


I have looked for an Icon for MC to place in my KDE Panel but with no joy.

Strange.  I found it almost instantly:

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