RE: MC commands: one-page overview

Thank you, András,

Quoting BÁRTHÁZI András <andras barthazi hu>:

I started to work on one-page cheat sheet of MC commands.
It's at

M-o (Alt-O) is works different in the latest versions. 

I plan to upgrade - not yet. :-(

Just jumps in the
other panel to the same directory as the current. I should include Left
and the Right keys (Lynx like moving) in the list (although they just
works, if it set int the configuration menu). The help is about the same
thing, anyway I think it's still a good idea...

I do not suggest to use my cheat sheet *instead* of help. 
I propose to *support* help: When reading help, you need to make notes.
Why not provide these notes for users? 

Also, help is more detailed. I assume user already did read help.
I skip the details provided in help. 
Just wanted to have all available commands at a glance.

Work in progress... ;-)

I created also one-page quick introduction to mc. 

I put it all on our Twiki:

If you or anybody wants suggest any changes, just reply here,
or register and edit the page: it's a wiki after all!

I appreciate your help.

Peter Masiar, peter masiar yale edu, (203) 764-8131
I am not a lawyer. My ideas are solely mine, are NOT binding for University.
If in doubt, me wrong, Yale policy right: 

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