Re: slow unzip with MC and RPM bug


and why when directorys have that have spaces
i got error on RPM when accses RPM file.

Please check this with 4.6.0-pre2.  I believe it was fixed (missing quotes).

Sorry, I couldn't test it when I was writing it.  The bug is confirmed
with the CVS version.

I believe it's a bug in rpm.  I'm using rpm version 4.1.  rpm needs extra
quoting for some reason.

$ rpm -qp "/home/proski/tmp/a\ b/usermin-0.970-1.noarch.rpm"
$ rpm -qp "/home/proski/tmp/a b/usermin-0.970-1.noarch.rpm"
error: open of /home/proski/tmp/a failed: No such file or directory

Pavel Roskin

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