Re: a few small problems

I don't see any problem here that would not be a result of reusing a "generic"
subshell.  mc doesn't track the state of the subshell after every keystoke sent
to the subshell.  It only knows that it's safe to send commands to the subshell
after it has returned the prompt and no new data was sent to the subshell after

I think this is the problem, because some of the "data" sent to subshell, such as a right-arrow key, does not 
change anything if the prompt is empty. The result is that the user sees an empty, "safe" prompt but mc 
considers it "spoiled" already. So how does mc track what is being sent to subshell? Perhaps it is relatively 
simple to designate some keys that are _not_ considered data if come right after displaying empty prompt? Or 
(a better approach) perhaps we can just ask the subshell if its command line currently being edited is empty, 
and act accordingly regardless of what keystrokes were sent to the subshell recently?

On the other hand, maybe we don't need to mess with this right now, because The One And Only Way to 
absolutely resolve all these troubles is (as we discussed earlier) to integrate the subshell into mc, so that 
there is only one command line whose contents do not change when you switch panels on or off. I sincerely 
hope this will be implemented in a not-too-distant future. Unfortunately my programmer's abilities are 
insufficient for such a task, although I would be glad to help.

Again the problem is not with the value of PS1. I have just
removed it, and the problem remains: If you switch panels on,
go to a different dir, and switch them off, you get two
prompts _on the same line_.

That's a separate problem.  I've seen it many times, but nobody has reported it
before.  It should be fixed.  There is already some code in mc to prevent
redisplaying the prompt.  Perhaps that code is wrong.

It's not the problem that the prompt is _redisplayed_; in fact it should, because the current dir has 
changed. It's that it is redisplayed _on the same line_, and I think this should be simple to fix, although I 
could not yet figure out what code is responsible for that. (And I suspect it's not mc's fault, because this 
did not happen on Mandrake 8.2 with the same mc - but if we can protect mc from such changes that would be 

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