Re: patches

The patch for file highlighting that I saw on the list is not
included in pre2. I saw no postings on the list to really argue
its usefulness, so why is it ignored?

Bad luck.  I missed it, and nobody else was interested enough to reply.  

I for one am very interested. I could take on porting that patch to the pre2 code (it was made for 4.5.55) 
with my extensions, but first I need to know: if I do, will it be included in 4.6.0 release? If yes I will do 
that; otherwise I will wait until after the release, so as to avoid double work. I have been using that patch 
with 4.5.55 for some months now and have not seen any problems.

The same question regarding the hotkeys in hotlist patch discussed some time ago: will it be included in the 
release if I now submit a patch for the pre2?

have patch manager on  You may want to use it, although it
doesn't seem to be well suited for discussions.  More radical patches should be
published in the list mc-devel gnome org 


I wish I could implement the translation table, but it's probably to disruptive
for the 4.6.0 release.  Still it would be translation to the "logical keys"
(e.g. Ctrl-PgDn) rather that to the actions (go to the last line).  Maybe we
could do both in one step?  We need to think about it.

I'm not sure I fully understand the issues, but I think the correct approach is a table (in fact several 
tables: one for panels, one for viewer, one for editor, one for dialogs, etc) mapping keys to actions. 

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