Re: a few small problems


Now if you change directory via the panels, the prompt below remains
"frozen." Moreover, if after that you press ctrl-o twice, you are
back again in the original dir, because this is what the subshell
remembers. Any dir changes in the panels do not go to the
subshell. Now press ctrl-o, enter, ctrl-o again; this "unfreezes"
subshell so it follows panel dir changes again.

I don't see any problem here that would not be a result of reusing a "generic"
subshell.  mc doesn't track the state of the subshell after every keystoke sent
to the subshell.  It only knows that it's safe to send commands to the subshell
after it has returned the prompt and no new data was sent to the subshell after

It's unsafe to send any commands, including "cd" to the subshell if its state is
unknown.  For example, if you press Ctrl-R in bash, if will be searching for old
commands in the history.

Any suggestions?

Don't load the prompt from the subshell.  Support PS1 in mc and maybe
MC_PS1 to override PS1 in mc only.

I meant that the solution would be to implement this, not that it's implemented.

Again the problem is not with the value of PS1. I have just
removed it, and the problem remains: If you switch panels on,
go to a different dir, and switch them off, you get two
prompts _on the same line_.

That's a separate problem.  I've seen it many times, but nobody has reported it
before.  It should be fixed.  There is already some code in mc to prevent
redisplaying the prompt.  Perhaps that code is wrong.

Pavel Roskin

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