Re: a few small problems


Quoting bulia byak <bulia dr com>:

Here's an even simpler way to trigger this bug. In an empty command prompt,
with panels off, press right-arrow. Nothing visibly changes, but apparently
this causes the shell to enter into some sort of "command line editing" mode
which in turn causes mc to lose connection with the shell.

I cannot test it now, but the expected behavior is that mc considers the shell
"busy" if anything was sent to it after the shell returned the prompt and the
current path.

mc stops sending commands to the subshell (which is correct, since the contents
of the command prompt is unknown).  However, the connection is not broken.  As
soon as the shell executes a command and redisplays the prompt, it's considered
"free" again.

If that's not what you are observing, then please describe what you do, what you
expect to get and what you are actually getting.  I don't see from your e-mail
where exactly your expectations become different from the actual results.

I'm on vacation and I cannot spend much time writing e-mails.  I'll appreciate
if someone else makes sure that the bug reports are complete.  You don't have to
be an mc expert to ask the same thing (what you do, what you expect to get and
what you are actually getting).  I see a lot of incomplete bugreports in both lists.

Pavel Roskin

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