Re: a few small problems

1. Why do we see ".." in the root dir? It's annoying and misleading. Will
there be any problems if we just remove it?

It's not misleading for me, but I think it can be safely removed to save screen

OK, I will try to do that.

2. Often mc loses communication with the subshell, even if it is not busy
with any command. For example, I hit ctrl-o to switch from subshell to the
panels, go to some other directory, then hit ctrl-o again - oops, I'm still
in the old dir! I.e. mc did not pass the cd commands to the subshell. So I
press Enter several times, to scroll several empty prompts, and repeat the
above, and this time it works.

I don't remember this bug.  Please give enough information to reproduce it
(version, terminal, "mc -V", OS etc).  One case is enough.

This is an elusive bug, it seems to occur in different
situations. But I found at least one way to reproduce it with
certainty. My system is Mandrake 9, kernel 2.4.19-16mdk. The mc
version tested is pre2, but the same also happens on earlier
versions; bash is 2.05b.0(1)-release. Terminal does not seem to
matter, as the behavior is the same on xterm, konsole ($TERM=xterm)
and in the virtual console ($TERM=linux). Here's how to reproduce

- start a new copy of mc

- press ctrl-o to hide panels

- press Tab; on my system, I get this prompt:

Display all 2934 possibilities? (y or n)

- press n, return to command prompt

- press ctrl-o to display panels

Now if you change directory via the panels, the prompt below remains
"frozen." Moreover, if after that you press ctrl-o twice, you are
back again in the original dir, because this is what the subshell
remembers. Any dir changes in the panels do not go to the
subshell. Now press ctrl-o, enter, ctrl-o again; this "unfreezes"
subshell so it follows panel dir changes again.

Prompt has a purely "decorative" role - it's whatever is displayed by mc in the
command line.  It has nothing to do with the actual current directory of mc or
the subshell (except when PS1 has the directory in it).

My prompt does display the directory, but this is not 
what matters - it only makes the problem obvious, which 
is that subshell stops receiving current dir updates 
from mc for some reason.

3. Another similar problem has appeared after I upgraded to mandrake 9. I'm
not sure who is to blame for this (mc is the same version) so please help me
to find out. Namely, I use bash with bold prompt displaying current dir, by

export PS1="\[\033[0;1m\]\w \$\[\033[0m\] "

However, even when I change dir in the panel (and this change is passed to
the subshell, see previous point), when I press ctrl-o I see this:

<old prompt, bold> <new prompt, plain>

I.e. old and new prompts are on one line, and the new prompt is not bold. I
have to press Enter, and then I get the new prompt in bold on its own line.

Any suggestions?

Don't load the prompt from the subshell.  Support PS1 in mc and maybe support
MC_PS1 to override PS1 in mc only.

Again the problem is not with the value of PS1. I have just 
removed it, and the problem remains: If you switch panels on, 
go to a different dir, and switch them off, you get two 
prompts _on the same line_. This is what I'd like to fix but 
have little idea how. Moreover, if you repeat these steps, 
you can get 3, 4, etc. prompts all on one line. This problem
only appeared after upgrade to Mandrake 9.

Yes, I'd like to see the prompt in mc displayed bold too, as 
it is displayed in the shell, though this is a minor thing. 
Can you please explain how I can achieve that? I tried to 
export MC_PS1 instead of PS1 but that had no desired effect.
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