Re: more binaries


I still keep old binary versions for SPARC-Solaris, Intel-Solaris, AIX,
FreeBSD, HPUX, Alpha. These ready-to-use binaries have saved a lot of
time for me and my friends. They are mostly for 4.1, but it might be
even better, because there is no need for the additional libraries. I
believe 4.1.36 was the very last real stand-alone version.

The problem with old binaries is that if they are distributed from the mc
site, following things will happen:

1) People will use old binaries rather than compile the current version.

2) Compile errors in the current version won't be reported and fixed.

3) Errors in the old binaries will be reported to the mailing list, even
if they were fixed in the source years ago.

4) The current version will be considered non-portable if the maintainers
cannot provide an up-to-date binary and provide and old binary instead.

As for the "stand-alone version", it's possible to link glib statically,
as well as other libraries.

I'm not interested in distributing binaries for old versions.  I'm
interested in binaries for the latest version in the native package format
and with minimal dependencies.

Pavel Roskin

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