more binaries

Hello All,

I think that's a great idea to have some contributed
resources on mc WEB site. I propose to keep more binary
versions there like it was before on 
At the moment there are some binaries on the WEB like:
I still keep old binary versions for 
SPARC-Solaris, Intel-Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD, HPUX, Alpha.
These ready-to-use binaries have saved a lot of time 
for me and my friends.
They are mostly for 4.1, but it might be even better,
because there is no need for the additional libraries.
I believe 4.1.36 was the very last real stand-alone version.


I have these versions on the WEB, so if you would like,
you can pick them up and put somewhere on mc WEB:

The only thing which should be done there: 

mv mc
chmod a+x mc

because Tripod allows to keep zip files only.


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