Re: color themes?

Hi Andreas,

Quoting Andreas Volz <andreas brachttal net>:

are there some "themes" for mc online. I played a lot with different
color schemes, but it's difficult to create some good looking color
schemes other than blue based.

I agree with you. I spent myself far more time on it as I should... ;-)

Has someone before created some good looking color schemes?

I created "white" theme. Uses mostly light colors for background. It keeps 
standard blue backgroud for editing, because syntax colors 
are optimized for blue. 
I use old mc version 4.5.51, SSH, and red cursor. 

I should create a screen-shot sometimes...

Following you need to enter (as one line!) into [Colors] section of 
your .mc/ini file. 




Tip: If editing in mc, you need to switch Options >> Configuration >> Auto save 
setup OFF, otherwise when exiting to re-read ini file, your changes will be 

You can find this color scheme and short (one-page) cheat-sheet
of MC commands (and more) at:

And don't ask why I dislike blue. I like it, but I like also sometimes
another color. ;-)

I got used to white background, too. Many fonts look better as dark 
on light paper...


You are welcome!


Peter Masiar, peter masiar yale edu, (203) 764-8131
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