Re: color themes?


are there some "themes" for mc online. I played a lot with different
color schemes, but it's difficult to create some good looking color
schemes other than blue based.

Has someone before created some good looking color schemes?

Get DOS Navigator from

It has several color themes (palettes).  Make sure to download them -
they are in a separate archive.

DOS Navigator runs in dosemu (tested with dosemu 1.1.4).

To give you an idea, here's a screenshot of the default palette:

Good luck emulating it in mc.  I'm afraid that it won't be easy to emulate
the default theme, because the background is gray (color 8), which is a
brighter version of black (color 0).  Bright backgrounds are not supported
by mc (because most terminals didn't support them in the past), so you may
need to change the mc code.  Again, experimenting with a little program
(or even a script) would be easier.

Pavel Roskin

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