Re: User menu

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003, Pavel Roskin wrote:


I just installed the new 4.6.0 version of mc. I have the following little
problem: Every time when I start mc, the user menu is presented. I have to
press the escape key to close it. It is not too much work to do so, but I
am sure there is a way to avoid this behavior, right?

check if it has "auto_menu=1"
in it.  It would be interesting to figure out who put it there.

Thank you a lot. That was exactly the point. I set "auto_menu=0" in my
$HOME/.mc/ini and everything is okay.

I have no idea why it was set to "1". I almost never edit the file by
hand. I have another machine with 4.5.55 and there it is set to "0". I was
the one who compiled mc-4.6.0 and I installed it in $HOME/local, maybe
that was the reason?

Never mind, it works fine now.
Thank you.


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