Re: User menu


I just installed the new 4.6.0 version of mc. I have the following little
problem: Every time when I start mc, the user menu is presented. I have to
press the escape key to close it. It is not too much work to do so, but I
am sure there is a way to avoid this behavior, right?

There is an option "auto menus" in under Options->Configuration and
corresponding setting auto_menu in the config file.  This option has been
broken for a long time and it has always been turned off by default.

My guess is that somebody enabled "auto menus" on your system without
understanding what it's supposed to do.

Check if you have mc.ini in the directory indicated by "mc -f" (use the
old mc version) and if you have that file, check if it has "auto_menu=1"
in it.  It would be interesting to figure out who put it there.

Pavel Roskin

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