Re: control left/right in terminal

Pavel Roskin wrote:


control left/right (bkwd-word/fwd-word) works for
console, and works nicely... but..

would be nice if it worked for terminal too... ctrl left/right
outputs a 'd' and 'c' respectively ... is this possible
to fix?

Yes.  It works in konsole already.

not for me it doesn't, in konsole it doesn't output
'd' or 'c', but it acts like you are not pressing
ctrl at all, ie, it moves the cursor by one space always

what could be wrong?

i put this line in my inputrc:

"\eOd": backward-word
"\eOc": forward-word

and ctrl left/right works for normal bash.... unfortunately
it doesn't work for mc (my guess is because mc
doesn't use readline)

No, it doesn't.  Also, mc sets application mode, in which some
escape sequences change in some terminals.

also would be nice if ctrl-up/ctrl-down scrolled the buffer down and up,
respectively.... leaving the cursor in the same position on the screen

That's how it works if those sequences are recognized.

The best solution would be to make every terminal for X11 (at least those
pretending to be xterm-compatible) support xterm key sequences as
documented here:

On the other hand, mc should be able to read sequences with modifiers from
configuration files.  This is in the TODO list for version 4.6.1.

In the meantime you can use "Learn Keys" to teach mc those keys.  I.e.
select "Up" but press Ctrl-Up.  mc should do the right thing as long as it
has access to the X server.
ok i 'learned' like you said, now pressing ctrl-left doesnt output
'd' but just moves the cursor left like in konsole...
(im sure it's the same reason that it doesnt work in konsole now)

any clues?


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