Re: problem pasting tabs

On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Nehal wrote:

Dmitry Semyonov wrote:

when i try pasting it indents the lines.. and the
amount of indenting increases with each line...

Don't forget to mention mc version in your questions.

oopsy, GNU Midnight Commander 4.6.0

Two possibilities.

1. Deselect 'Return does autoindent' in editor options.

works... thankyou...

2. Upgrade to mc-4.6.0 or later. It uses shift+Enter as non-indenting
  alternative of Enter.

shift-enter works same as enter for me

Shift+Enter behaviour depends on the way you are connected to a
terminal. For example, it does not work for me over ssh connections,
while working fine when I'm using mc directly on my workstation.

There is a section in mc's TODO list that says something about `shift'
modifier. May be it is related with the problem somehow, but I don't
know for sure.


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