Re: Fwd: Re: Getting a White (vs. Gray) Background

On Sunday 15 September 2002 09:25 am, Pavel Roskin wrote:
Thanks for the link!  It talks about undocumented colors, but nobody
ever reported it as a bug.  Obviously, it was a bad idea to create
the help output by hand instead of generating it from the actually
used data structures.

Thanks for your response!  (Sorry for my disjointed approach to this 
question (i.e., missing the response from Sourceforge.))

You're welcome for the link -- the page needs some work, but hopefully 
it will be useful to myself as well as others.

I copied the information about undocumented colors from somebody else's 
post (neil t), perhaps even from the mc list, so I assumed it was known.

Extermenly long lines also need to be fixed.  Maybe it's better to
have separate lines for every attribute.

Do you mean in the mc configuration files or on the WikiLearn page?  If 
on the WikiLearn page I hoped I had it set up so only that particular 
line (i.e., the color table) did not wrap -- all the other text on the 
page should wrap to the width of your window.  If that is not the case, 
please let me know what browser and version you are using as I'd like 
to look into fixing it.

If you would like me to make separate lines for each attribute of the 
color table(s) on WikiLearn, I can do that.  I usually try to keep 
lines like that syntactically correct on WikiLearn, so, if desired, 
they can be copied and pasted directly into something like the mc.ini 
file.  I'm not sure what "line continuation" character I can use to 
keep it syntactically correct (I still consider myself a Linux newbie 
(and prove it regularly)) -- does the "\" do the job?

Randy Kramer 

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