Re: Fwd: Re: Getting a White (vs. Gray) Background

OK, darn, looks like I screwed up.  Turns out Sourceforge did respond 
to my question, back on 4 Jan 2002 (support request 499185) saying that 
they use "Debian GNU/Linux stable platform, with stock configuration 
for mc and terminal settings".  (I don't know how in the world I missed 
that, but, anyway...)

I use Mandrake 7.2 and 8.2.  Tried to install Debian once and set it 
aside for the time being.  Can anybody who is using MC on Debian 
confirm that the default colors for say the "main" "directory panel" 
are black text on a white background?

If so, any hints on how I can get that executable and move it to 

thanks, and sorry for not checking back on that request before sending 
my first post

Randy Kramer

On Sunday 15 September 2002 09:12 am, Randy Kramer wrote:
PS:  Just wanted to add that I started a WikiLearn page to record my
learnings and eventually (hopefully) the solution:
Li keSourceforge

Randy Kramer

On Sunday 15 September 2002 08:31 am, Randy Kramer wrote:
When I use(d) mc on Sourceforge (it's been a while) over ssh, the
mc background is white, in fact it is very usable.  I don't know
whether they (Sourceforge) have modified the mc source or there is
some "quirk" associated with using mc over ssh that makes the
background white.

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