Re: Fwd: Re: Getting a White (vs. Gray) Background

Hi, Randy!

I copied the information about undocumented colors from somebody else's 
post (neil t), perhaps even from the mc list, so I assumed it was known.

Not to me.

Extremely long lines also need to be fixed.  Maybe it's better to have
separate lines for every attribute.

Do you mean in the mc configuration files or on the WikiLearn page?

I meant the configuration files.  There should not be undocumented colors,
and the users should not have to write so long lines in the configuration

The problem is that some colors, like dhotnormal, have more that one
function - it is the color for hotkeys in the dialogs and for the dialog
title.  It would be wrong to claim that dhotnormal has only one of those
functions and ask to translate that false statement into 30 languages.

You see, if somebody doesn't think ahead, or doesn't spend enough time
doing the right thing, at some point the code looks like a puzzle, that
can only be fixed in a certain order.

Pavel Roskin

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