Re: raw ansi-escape-codes in viewer?

recent groff versions emit SGR escapes (aka ANSI color escapes)
for color support...

Just because it would be a simple solution for this problem, it
would not be a good solution.  Would not it be possible to fool
users by making fake password prompts in ANSI codes?

???  Can you tell me why groff should handle passwords?  We are
talking about displaying documents in the viewer, aren't we?  If mc
has to display a password, simply don't use color escapes.

I think that groff should preserve the original behavior, maybe with
an additional option.

There are three possibilities to reactivate the old behaviour:

   1) Setting an environment variable GROFF_NO_SGR.
   2) Passing the -c option to grotty (i.e. adding `-P-c' to groff).
   3) Add the special \X'tty:sgr 1' to the document.

I recommend 2).


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