Re: raw ansi-escape-codes in viewer?


Quoting Werner LEMBERG <wl gnu org>:

Is there a way of getting the viewer to display the
raw escape-codes in a file, like less -R?

No.  It would create mess on the screen.  It's explained in "man less".
Mess on the screen is bad in a program that can easily delete whole

recent groff versions emit SGR escapes (aka ANSI color escapes) for
color support...

Just because it would be a simple solution for this problem,
it would not be a good solution.  Would not it be possible to
fool users by making fake password prompts in ANSI codes?

I think that groff should preserve the original behavior,
maybe with an additional option.  If that's the case, let's
test for that option in the configure script, like we do to
choose between "-man" and "-mandoc" options.

It the support for highlighting with backspaces has been fully
removed, then it's a problem in groff. Please report it to the
groff developers.  Mention that mc cannot render ANSI for
security reasons.

Pavel Roskin

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