Re: file coloring

bulia byak wrote:

No matter how you count, MOST colors are still available for file coloring.

Try to persuade Russell, who believes that you can already do this in

Russel obviously misunderstood my post. Yes, 4.5.55 can change the colors of some things, but NOT of 
arbitrarily defined file types. The file types hard-coded into mc are not too useful because they only 
cover a few basic cases.

Or work on the features that users actually request.

This is what I'm doing - I work on the features I (a user) actually request. When I implement a feature 
that, in my opinion, might be useful for anyone else, I share it here. And, guess what, I don't expect the 
maintainers of this program to behave like they are trying to "protect" it from "intrusion".

Also, please remember that I didn't write this patch, I only extended it. It was written by someone else. 
This means there are at least two persons who need this feature badly enough to spend their time actually 
coding it (and posting it here). Doesn't that tell you something?

I misread 'extensions'.

I found another way to use arbitrary colours. You can map different
colours in different instances of xterm. So now i can get good colours
in vim *and* midnight commander using any colour from rgb.txt, or a
numerical value. Eg:
  xterm -xrm "*VT100*color4:red" -xrm "*VT100*color15:yellow" -e mc

By assigning a different class name: xterm -class <name>, i think you
can specify different xterm resource files with their own defaults,
colours, and other settings.

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