patch: make quick search aware of case sensitivity

Now, even if files in a panel are sorted case insensitively, quick search (alt-s) still is case sensitive. 
This is wrong, because if I don't care about case when sorting files, chances are I care about it even less 
when doing a quick search. Here's a patch that uses sensitive or insensitive search depending on the panel's 
case_sensitive setting (which can be set in the "sort order" dialog). 

In screen.c, change this one line:

        if (STRNCOMP (panel->dir.list [i].fname, panel->search_buffer, l) == 0){


        if (panel->case_sensitive? (STRNCOMP (panel->dir.list [i].fname, panel->search_buffer, l) == 0) : 
(strncasecmp (panel->dir.list [i].fname, panel->search_buffer, l) == 0)){

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