Re: file coloring

I meant this phrase:
  BTW, "File associations"  is more right name for "Extension File".

Ah, OK. It doesn't matter to me personally how you call it, as long as it works.

Check this thread:

Just because users are free to modify config files it doesn't mean they
won't request changes in the default config files.

So, your strategy seems to be, keep mc plain and dumb, so users don't ask for more? How wonderful. 

The proposals in the message you quoted are quite meaningful. This has nothing in common with a "let's paint 
mp3s green" stuff that you spoke so arrogantly about. The person suggests the changes not because he likes 
them personally, but because he thinks they will be better defaults for everyone. What's wrong with that? 
After all, making a change to the default config files will take much less of your precious time than 
implementing a feature.

Another example:

If a person not only changes his/her personal config so that, say, xyz files are handled by an xyzplayer, but 
takes time to suggest this change in this list, don't you think this is because s/he knows something about 
xyz files and the best ways to handle them? Didn't this occur to you? Why not benefit from this shared 
knowledge that you might not have obtained otherwise?

 And we only have 16 colors, some (most!) of which are already taken
(black - pipe, magenta - device, green - executable, red - core etc).

Oh my, it never occurred to me that 4 is "most!" of 16.

I didn't try to send a complete list.

No matter how you count, MOST colors are still available for file coloring. 

Try to persuade Russell, who believes that you can already do this in

Russel obviously misunderstood my post. Yes, 4.5.55 can change the colors of some things, but NOT of 
arbitrarily defined file types. The file types hard-coded into mc are not too useful because they only cover 
a few basic cases.

Or work on the features that users actually request.

This is what I'm doing - I work on the features I (a user) actually request. When I implement a feature that, 
in my opinion, might be useful for anyone else, I share it here. And, guess what, I don't expect the 
maintainers of this program to behave like they are trying to "protect" it from "intrusion".

Also, please remember that I didn't write this patch, I only extended it. It was written by someone else. 
This means there are at least two persons who need this feature badly enough to spend their time actually 
coding it (and posting it here). Doesn't that tell you something?

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