Re: [MC]: better FAQ.

Peter Masiar <peter masiar yale edu> a tapoté :

Quoting Mathieu Roy <yeupou gnu org>:

MC's homepage mentions GNOME and URL is on GNOME. 
I assume that is more convenient for you to use,
than was I might be just me, but MC being just a folder 
in some unrelated site feels cheap - and worse: not easy to remember.

I checked - it is not taken yet. 
I can assume that sourceforge is here to stay - so this might be
permanent *respectable* homepage for MC. 
With CVS and stuff on GNOME as now.

Since promotes proprietary software* and since MC is part of
the GNU Project, it seems really unconvenient (and not *respectable*)..

(* use proprietary software, is proprietary software, publish ads for
proprietary softwares)

I did not noticed that. I am so used to adds I could not see them ;-)

I've seen many open-source projects to use
I know Open source is not GNU, and do not want to start religion war. ;-)

If MC developers have this strong affiliation to GNU, 
can we get URL This will be even cooler than at!
And then redirect it to ibiblio - fine with me after that.

I'm only a user of mc. 

Urls like etc are planned by I do not know the current
plans about it.
In the meantime, Pavel can get
Sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling talking about hosting MC on ;-)

It does not hurts my feeling, I just found important to provide
informations about when needed. 

One could says that being a Savannah Admin disqualify me for such a
discussion. The point is not that is bad. The point is now and VA Software are no longer clearly affiliated with Free
Software (or Open Source, whatever the name). 


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