Re: Norton Commander?


Other things like forgetting keys, crashing on bad archives, bad bad ftp 
support I assume are being worked on so I dont want to waste time 
raising these issues which most likely someone already did.

Exactly that would not be a waste of time.

Please don't assume that anything of that is worked on.  Please looks in
src/TODO on CVS (, but
the descriptions there are very terse.  Your problems can be trivial to
solve and it can happen that they are not identical to those already

Let me just comment on your short description to show you what the known
problems are:

1) Forgetting keys.  There are two known cases when it can happen.  One is
mc linked with ncurses, running on xterm under heavy load (e.g. unpacking
a bzip2 archive).  The other is running one mc from another and then
switching to the first and to the second mc (i.e. press Ctrl-O Ctrl-O

2) Crashing on bad archives.  I'm not aware of this problem.  In fact, it 
can be a security risk.  Many crashes can be exploited to run random code.  
Just imagine somebody sending specially crafted archives that make mc send 
that file by mail to further recipients - that would be an mc worm.  
Please report the problem is full detail - it's extremely important to fix 
this one.

3) Bad bad ftp support.  Known problems are: starting in user's home
directory without notifying the upper levels about the current directory,
inability to follow links on some servers, bad handling of broken
connection, inability to interrupt some operations, incorrect parsing of 
file names beginning with a year number.

That said, I cannot say that even those problems are being actively 
fixed.  Nobody works on this project full-time.

/apz,   if RAR = Russian ARchiver, what does FAR stand for?

I always thought that RAR is Roshal's ARchiver, and FAR is File and 
ARchive manager, but I can be wrong.

Pavel Roskin

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