Re: Norton Commander?

val wrote:
There is very powerful NC-like tool for WIn98/NT.
It's called Far and it's developed by Eugene Roshal.

I am aware of FAR, I have used it for quite a while (1.6 series) when I switched from using NC for Win v2.

I didnt want to go into what one things is better than the other. but here we go

It's comerce product, but it's great. Also it's free for ex-USSR users

Yes, I do like FAR for the amount of plugins it has. Unfortunatelly many of good FAR sites are in cyrilic. I can read slavik like languages being polish myself, but unfortunatelly, and I regret this alot, in Poland they changed secondary language from Russian to English from my grade on so I am stuck missing 90% of good information on FAR.

Far is great for win32, mc for *Nix.

Yes, the only thing that I disliked with FAR is that its console, the same reason why I love mc. Odd, yes I am, I know, but windows is my workstation, linux is a server to which I ssh.

Under windows I want:
 - right click to be same as windows right click
 - drag and drop between programs

I still dont fully grasp how does mc fit gnome. One time it is that mc is default gnome desktop manager, next mc-gnome is an ms-explorer like abomination and nothing commander like, next we get nautilis as default gnome manager.

Other things like forgetting keys, crashing on bad archives, bad bad ftp support I assume are being worked on so I dont want to waste time raising these issues which most likely someone already did.

I've never seen people really using mc on win32 because they like it.

because its not that easy to get mc under win32, from my experience that is. You need cygwin with wierd, still not fully supported patches, and lots of luck.

Now FAR for win32 is amazing in windows through decent telnet server. The telnet support (yes, telnet, no ssh) that comes with MS Terminal Services is a pure joke. alt barely working, function keys not working, lack of color/font differentiation support. blah.

Anyways, thanks for the tip, will check FAR again, however I have grown really accustomed to Christian Ghistler's commander (Windows Commander). I am quitely waiting to gain knowledge on how to get my mc behave more and more like wincmd which I am in love. Simple things which speed jobs easily.
[alt][f1/2] to get a list of mounts points, and be able to jump to them
[backspace] go one dir back if cursor not in command line
[alt][\]    go root of drive or root of mount point
etc, etc, etc... Just joined so I assume answers will popup oneday, couldnt find on google last time I looked, but that was long long time ago.

/apz,   if RAR = Russian ARchiver, what does FAR stand for?

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