Re: MC problem in RH8.0 (Follow-on)

Hi, Jakub!

Aren't you using en_US locale on RH 7.3 and en_US.UTF-8 locale on RH 8.0?
regex is of course slower if multi-byte locales.

Exactly!  That's why I couldn't reproduce 5 second delays.  Now I can.

mc sends commands to subshell that looks like this:

cd `echo -e '\0161\0152\0172'`

This is done to prevent the shell from executing commands embedded into
the filenames.  However, this operation is very time consuming for long
path names on Red Hat 8.0 with bash and zsh, especially in UTF-8 locale.

The obvious solution is to use this quoting only if there are symbols that
the shell can interpret as the end of the command, and if other types of
quoting don't help for that shell.

Pavel Roskin

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