Re: Will donate for gratitude


A reckoning came to me this morning.

I've been using and advocating Free Software since 1998, and making
donations to a number of projects during the last two years, to Freenet,
Mandrake, Xiph, LWN, and others (and Nature Institute too), but it did
not occur to me to make a donation to GNU, or to MC either, and that's
the stuff I use *every day*.

Now, is unreachable at the moment, but I'll keep

It's online now, sorry for inconvenience.

Concerning MC, is becoming a Friend of Gnome ( ) the right way of doing this?

Decide for yourself.  Gnome hosts our CVS repository, which is a great
service for our project.  Bandwidth costs money, so so does keeping the
system running.  You can pay them for hosting MC on their CVS server.

I actually use KDE, and would like the money to go straight to the
maintainers of MC (I only saw Pavel Roskin on the mailing list, and by
the way, a big thanks to you, Pavel).

I'm glad that you appreciate my work, but the results of my work are quite
modest so far.  We are very far from the stable version despite months of
work.  TODO list keeps growing.  It seems that I don't have the magical
ability to attract new developers.

My only personal expence on the project was registering, but it's pocket money for me.

Pavel Roskin

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