mc bashrc

I want to write some scripts in bashrc filme, my friend has it in
~/.mc/bashrc in mc version 4.5.54  and he has wrote in man mc :

If you are using bash you can specify startup commands for the subshell
in your ~/.mc/bashrc file and special keyboard maps  in  the
~/.mc/inputrc  file.
tcsh users may specify startup commands in the ~/.mc/tcshrc file

I have wrote it in ~/.bashrc script -> it works like that :
checking who is logged as a root
if it is logged from my computer, he donn't write history in ~/.bash_history
if logged from other comuters as a root it is allowed to write history

but ... when I start `mc` and perss CTRL+O and write some commands and this
commands are remembered in
It is possibility to write script in ~/.mc/bashrc like in  ~/.bashrc but i
don't have that file in mc.
How can I do it ?

best wishes from Poland (sorry for mistakes)
    Maciek Kurkiewicz
    maciek alpha net pl

P.S. I have:
GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.55
Mandrake 8.2 -> polish language

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