Re: Changing colors


I'm understanding the colour settings better now. In, on the left pane, the
line with "/.." (and all other directories) are shown in blue. How do i
change that colour? (eg, to the background colour)


The default is white directories on a blue background.
If i do: mc -C directory=red, this does not do white directories
on a red background, but red directories on a blue background.

How would i get *white directory writing* on a *red background* ?
It is this background that comes out as light blue when using
mc in an xterm.

$ mc --help-colors | sed -n 1p
--colors KEYWORD={FORE},{BACK}

This is meant to say that foreground is specified before comma, background
is after comma.  I know, a lot of user-visible texts in mc are too
technical for the modern users.  Sorry for that.

I've already tried setting color0-15 in my ~/.Xsession file, but it
had no effect even after rebooting the pc. I tried your settings above,
but still no effect. .Xsession:

One more time:

Follow the first link (just in case it changes:

I'm not going to answer you anymore - you don't do any research and don't 
even read my replies.

Pavel Roskin

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