Re: C-o on OS X doesn't work properly (yes, I saw the FAQ entry)


Greetings. Control-o is one of the key combinations I use most on Linux
with MC (which is my favorite file manager). Now I installed it on OS X
via fink, and it, well, almost works: That is to say I do get a blank
screen upon pressing C-o, but no prompt. If I then hit enter, it drops
me back into the normal MC screen.

Maybe you are using an shell that mc cannot use as subshell?  mc supports 
bash, tcsh and zsh.  If your shell is not supported, but the screen saving 
is, then what you get is similar to what you describe.

You can try to set the SHELL variable to a supported shell when running 
mc, for example:

SHELL=/bin/bash mc

I get the very same behaviour under Cygwin.

This is fixed in the current snapshot of mc.

Pavel Roskin

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