FEATURE: Ignore all in the "cannot change file permissions error"

Hi !

I use MC mainly for copying files, and use to copy a lot between EXT2
and VFAT. The problem is, as you know, that VFAT cannot save all the
file's info on groups/permissions, so MC keeps on saying "Hey, I cannot
change the target's file permissions" on _EVERY_ file I copy on the VFAT
partition's...  just think of copying a thousand files from EXT2 and
VFAT and having to press enter to ignore on each!!!

This is what I (and a lot of users) do:

1/ I select a file in the EXT2 partition, a mp3 for example.
2/ I copy it to a VFAT partition so I can play it on linux and windows.
3/ Once copied to the VFAT, EXT2's file permissions on the file are lost, and
MC warns the user about it.

This is fine for a single file, but when you copy a lot of files is very

I've searched for the text of the warning

" Cannot chmod target file ..."

to found it's located in file.c line 796, in this block of code:

      * .ado: according to the XPG4 standard, the file must be closed before
      * chmod can be invoked
        if (!appending && ctx->preserve){
            while (mc_chmod (dst_path, src_mode & ctx->umask_kill)){
                temp_status = file_error (
                    _(" Cannot chmod target file \"%s\" \n %s "), dst_path);
                if (temp_status != FILE_RETRY){
                    return_status = temp_status;
            mc_utime (dst_path, &utb);

and seems that is repeated three times, for files in non-os2, for files in
 os2 and for directories.

That code leads to file_error and then to do_file_error, and, finally to this
line (file.c , 2076):

    result = query_dialog (msg, error, D_ERROR, 3, _("&Skip"), _("&Retry"), 

Well, this is the point: I think you should add one new option to that
 dialog, "Skip all", so the program only stops once the process of copying of
 files to a file system that cannot keep the file permissions.

Thanks a lot, I hope this email is easy to understand (again, lots of
 thanks for your patience and your great program).


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