Re: transparent MC ?

Dear raptor,

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002 17:49:11 -0500, among other things, you wrote:

   raptor> |mc --colors 

   raptor> when I try this in gnome-terminal with 50%
   raptor> transparency directories and executables become
   raptor> invinsible, except when "selected"...

I use this in an eterm with dark pixmap bakground. I also
tested this in a transparent eterm on a dark desktop
bakground. It works fine.

It is possible that the gurus have an explanation
for the failure in your case.


Luis Octavio Silva P.
St. Petersburg State University.
66/3 Botanicheskaya St., Apt.119/2
Stary Peterhof
St. Petersburg, Russia.

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