Re: midnight bug - feature request

And the feature request: I miss some (i think) easy to implement feature
from the editor. First of all, the most important for me is to save the
position of the cursor when I leave a file, and when I go back, start at
the same position. The other is a small modification on "bracket
matching". Currently, when I'm on a bracket, it shows the other bracket.
My request is, that I'm after (maybe before) a bracket, show the other.

I've read in the archive, that somebody else has asked for position
saving before. You told, that there's no really need for it. I don't
think so: all the people I know using Midnight told me during our
conversations, that it would be a good feature.

Emacs do this and I find this very usefull. Especially when dealing
with configuration file, while doing some test.

Other features (but I know that is not so easy to implement) are to make
Midnight a full-featured IDE for programming. Auto completition, code
hinting, etc. I think you just need to make an API and create a plugin
system, and make _able_ MC to do it, and a lot off volunteer will do it.
That's why I think, that FAR Manager is the best commander clone. ;) But
the problem with it, that it's do it on Win... :(

Would it be possible to add a elisp/guile support in mc? Mc would be
able to use emacs modes... No need to reinvent the wheel.

I would be really great. But it's maybe not the top priority.

Mathieu Roy
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