Re: midnight bug - feature request


I've read in the archive, that somebody else has asked for position
saving before. You told, that there's no really need for it. I don't
think so: all the people I know using Midnight told me during our
conversations, that it would be a good feature.

Emacs do this and I find this very usefull. Especially when dealing
with configuration file, while doing some test.

How did you learn about this feature in emacs?  Sometimes the problem is
not with missing features, but rather with inability of the user to find
them or with low expectations of the users.

Things like "Menu ediTor edit" in the menu may be discouraging users from
exploring the menu any further.  That entry is gone, but the users have
already learned that the menu is full of entries that are written in poor
English and make no sense to them, so that they don't look for "goto
matching Bracket" when they need it.

Would it be possible to add a elisp/guile support in mc? Mc would be
able to use emacs modes... No need to reinvent the wheel.

I would be really great. But it's maybe not the top priority.

The top priority is encouraging somebody to do it (and to do it right).  
Frankly, I think I'm very bad at encouraging other developers.  Perhaps we
need a discussion how to encourage people to contribute to the project.

Pavel Roskin

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