Re: MC exit dir.

Hi, Dylan!

On Mon, 15 Jul 2002, Dylan Griffiths wrote:

MC has a behaviour I really, really hate.  This behaviour is that mc
will start in a wd, then I will move around inside the tree in mc, and
when I exit, it will set my pwd to where mc was.  I don't want this.  
Short of rolling back to Slackware 8's mc, or doing nasties to the
source, is there an option to restore the non-pwd-messing behaviour?

This is done by a shell function mc(), not by Midnight Commander itself.  
Midnight Commander just reports the exit directory.  Some people like this
functionality, and that's why it's enabled by default in some

The simplest solution is just to unset that function.  This is done (if 
you are using bash) by adding the following line to ~/.bashrc and 

unset -f mc

Pavel Roskin

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